Rollercoaster of a Week

Hello, June. Goodbye, Carbs.

This week, we said farewell to May; may we spring happily into the month of June, when summer truly sets in, and all the lovely mosquitos, sweat, and antarctic blasts of grocery store air conditioning are sweetly embraced.

My emotions, ambitions, and projects have been hard to manage this week. I had things in mind I wanted to get done, but time just kept slipping away as I chipped away at them, leaving many things still in progress. Plus, I had some technical difficulties. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ What can you do?

Feeling distraught, I caved and got a giant (and I do mean giant) bar of dark chocolate with entire almonds in it. Oh man, did it help the emotions part.


Speaking of which, I’m freshly on the low-carb bandwagon, which is as fun as it sounds. In all reality, it’s important for my specific health situation to follow a low-carb diet my entire life. Yay me. It’s too bad our western diet has caused such an addiction to carbs and sugars. I do feel better, though, and I know it’s worth it. That being said, some days are definitely harder than others. Luckily, this week hasn’t been too hard in this arena. I seemed to have skipped the extreme cravings, thankfully! That hasn’t been the case when I’ve attempted low-carb before.

Milestone Reached: I Sold My First Article!

A post I wrote for a client on a content mill site was purchased a few days ago, yay! 🙂 When I saw the email notifying me of this awesome news, I couldn’t help but smile. It’s a new feeling for me to write something so out of my element… ghostwriting seems pretty cool.


No matter how insignificant, it sort of makes me feel more like a “real writer” in a way. I’m not implying you need to be paid to be considered a real writer or anything like that, of course. I’m just over here feeling like a happy camper, is all. Maybe, just maybe, things are finally getting better, little by little.

How was your week/month? I hope it was good!

[Photos by Jazmin QuaynorCharisse Kenion, and rawpixel on Unsplash]





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