How I Got a Work-From-Home Job!

I’ve reached my goal!

Writing that title made me feel a little strange, seeing as my dream has finally come true after so long. I am very happy that something has finally clicked for me (and let’s hope it stays that way!). What is my job? Well, I’ve been transcribing as an independent contractor for the past month, which explains why I haven’t been very active here.

A little bit about my job

Transcription, which is listening to audio and typing it down accurately, is something that I’d started dabbling in last year with Rev, a popular site that offers people the opportunity to transcribe audio files (it’s especially great for beginners). I put a lot of effort into the projects I did for Rev, which helped me to land the position I have now.

Being an independent contractor just means that I’m not an employee of the company I work for—rather, I’m self-employed.

But… it’s not writing. Is it?

But it is—sort of! All the typing that’s required to make a transcript is writing, technically. It’s just not creative writing; I type what I hear (which is actually much harder than it sounds!) Typing so much has been improving my speed and accuracy which is always a plus. I mean, this can help me write better and more efficiently in general.

Like I’ve mentioned, I wasn’t just looking for a writing job. I needed to cast my net a little bit wider for more opportunities. Who says you can’t do more than one thing, too?

In all honesty, I did not expect to have found a job so soon, but I don’t plan to abandon my blog. Now that I’m able to experience the work-from-home lifestyle, I’ll have more to write about on the topic. Win-win!

Little steps = success

So, this experience has taught me a lot, but one thing I want to emphasize is this: you’re not wasting your time doing things that you feel won’t directly lead to your success. I started Rev as a way to earn money and learn a new skill (with hopes it could lead to a job), and luckily (very luckily), it helped me.

I feel very grateful that my path took me here, and yes, still quite surprised right now, as I’m adjusting to my new lifestyle!

(Also, I am in the process of upgrading my site to have its own domain, so be on the lookout for my upcoming post about that if you want to continue following my work-from-home and writing journey!)


6 Replies to “How I Got a Work-From-Home Job!”

    1. Hey Sandra! Thank you! It really depends on how much work I am able to complete (which has its pros and cons). The more efficient, the better; but of course, there’s a learning curve at first. But yes, it’s possible to earn a livable wage. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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