You Just Have to Start

You Just Have to Start | Want to work from home and wondering where to begin? I was, too. Here are a few tips I hope can help you.

…Where to start, though?

Feeling overwhelmed by beginning something new is totally normal, and this applies to everything in life. However, this post will focus on starting your journey to work from home.

I’ve talked about it before, but when I started looking into my options for work-from-home possibilities five years ago, the sheer options (and lack thereof without having a degree) left me feeling extremely hopeless and unsure of where to begin. There are so many paths I could have taken… how could I even choose? And yet, there also felt like a shortage of jobs that I could actually apply to, given my circumstances.

Writing has always been dear to my heart and I don’t know why. I just feel really content when I write; I feel happy putting words to paper. So, naturally, writing was a strong contender back then, but that didn’t narrow my options down all that much. There are lots of different paths you can take with writing—which again, sounds good, but ended up being mostly a bad thing for me.  Continue reading “You Just Have to Start”


Believing in Yourself – The Key to Success

Believing in Yourself - The Key to Success | You want to do great things with your life? You have to believe in yourself!

The Saying is True

With anything — not just writing and attempting to be your own boss/working from home — you need to believe in yourself. I know that sounds cliché or lame, but it’s undoubtedly true.

Believing in yourself, or having confidence, is a tough proposition if it’s not something you’re familiar with. Trying to get something off the ground feels almost impossible, especially on certain days. Ohh, the dark days… and I’m not talking about the weather. I personally struggle with this, though I’m most confident when I’m writing (hence my blog). I tell myself I can do it, that I can actually achieve success, but it’s not always so easy to maintain a positive mindset. But, I mean, if you say it enough, you start to believe it. Kind of like negative self-talk, only this way of thinking is much healthier for the mind! Continue reading “Believing in Yourself – The Key to Success”