A Writer’s Life In Memes

Since the internet loves memes, here you go—the life of a writer!

You’ve thought of a genius idea or plot for a new story.


…And now you’re in the zone!



How you imagine writing will be.


What it’s really like (sometimes).


“A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.”
― Thomas Mann



How to Edit Your Writing Fearlessly with One Simple Tip

How to Edit Your Writing Fearlessly with One Simple Tip | Do you struggle with editing your written work? I do, too. Here's one helpful method I personally use!

You spend hours perfecting your story or article, only to find out later that you need to make changes.

Cue the horror music.

Writing can sometimes feel so fragile. Especially when writing a fictional tale, your words feel so personal and special to you as the writer. Your world, your characters—they’re basically your “babies”. Not to mention the fact that you’ve spent so much of your precious time carving out every element, fleshing out all the behind-the-scenes details that perhaps only you will ever know of. Who likes to feel like their time was wasted? Continue reading “How to Edit Your Writing Fearlessly with One Simple Tip”